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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
IMO, there is still a certain level of deception in the marketing by calling the CPU in the Vampire a 68080 instead of a 68LC080. Using "68080" looks like Motorola nomenclature which implies a full CPU with FPU and MMU (I believe there is a non-virtual simple MMU/MPU which is not 68k MMU compatible in the Vampire at least).
On the features page he compares the "Apollo Core 68080" with all the Motorola 68K CPUs - there he claimes:

"Integrated FPU" as well as "Pipelined FPU" and a second time "Fully pipelined, double/extended FPU".

There is not the slightest hint, that these feature may vary or that not all are implemented every time.

He uses the exact same term "Apollo Core 68080" as a explicit feature of the Vampire 600 V2 and the Vampire 500 V2+ here.

It is simply irrelevant how he explains all that in a forum - he can not expect a potential customer to dig through thousands of posts to stumble upon the right one.

And it would be so damn easy to be clear about this, but still he does not want to be clear about it...
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