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Thanks for post #215

How does Vampire/Apollo IDE work? How much CPU time is used? Isn`t the CPU much to slow to have fast IDE? My FastATA A1200 uses nearly all CPU time to be "fast" (~8MB/sec.). As far as I`ve heard the old DMA or UDMA standard don`t use much CPU time. Will the standalone get a decent SATA controller so we get standard transfer speed?

MMU is a basic part of most 68k CPUs (030, 040, 060). Apollo is or will be 680x0 compatible. Hence it isn`t unusual to assume ther will be one. Same goes for FPU but later nothing is promised after people noticed and asked. What you get is only a gift is the answer. Of course this leads/spawns to discussions.

What is an MMU application or what do you think what it is? As far as I know MMU is a hardware unit/technic (kind of layer between CPU and memory) that can be used or not. So application can only make use of it. You can program MMU direct or use mmu.library to access it. So MMU application does not exists.

That a MMU slows down much I can`t confirm. In fact I don`t notice it with 040/40 and mmu.library/MuForce running. If a MMU unit slows down Apollo core much then the FPGA is two small/slow or the design is not good enough and would need improvement/changes. Overall I`m the opinion that speed is not everything.

If someone says that MMU is only useful for developers than it is wrong. Maybe I`m the only one but I`m not a developer but use tools that make use of MMU.
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