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Originally Posted by grond View Post
Then tell us the good reason. I will: transistors were sparse and nobody could imagine having two or more CPUs on a single chip.

Again trying to argue against today's technology with 1980s technical arguments. And again zero sustainable technical arguments from you.
You asked about DMA vs. virtual Core.

For just one specific task, there is not so much difference: you can use a DMA to offload the work or a second CPU.
But since hyper threading does not exactly double your speed, you will slow down the other thread a little bit while doing so.

It becomes more complicated if you want to offload more than one task.
You can have a dedicated DMA-controller for each purpose und things will get done without bothering the CPU.

If you want to do different DMA-tasks with one thread of your HT-CPU ... well than you end up needing a extra scheduler for this or some support in the OS or both.
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