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Originally Posted by grond View Post
Playing games again badmouthing Vampire although you should know better?

The main thread could run from cache while the secondary thread could saturate the memory interface. No problem there. This plus you again fail to point out a significant difference between a secondary CPU and a DMA controller that would favour the DMA controller. Why would the DMA controller not be limited by the memory bandwidth but a second CPU would? Again no sustainable argument from you why a CPU would not be ≥ a DMA controller.
DMA has been invented for a good reason.
And hyperthreading isn't exactly a second cpu.

Originally Posted by TrashyMG View Post
Ah so that explain the venomous attitude you have and why you're churning a toxic attitude in this forum towards the Vampire well and to Apollo Core team.
What you wrote here is just disgusting and has been reported to moderation.
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