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Well, this is an amiga forum, and we are limited amount of users.

Ive used Dan Wood/Kookytech as an example so many times its silly, but Ill do it again; its possible to have a positive attitude to everything/everyone within the Amiga community, even if we have different opinion.

Exchange of ideas AND difference of opinions can/will usually produce new ideas or methods. AND when you produce a product, its usually to please/make it useful for a end user. That means people that are still on the fence about a product.

So discounting xyz persons opinion just creates friction and negativity. If you start a post with "your opinion doesnt matter", you know the rest of the post you make will be read with hostility, and the rest off the thread will spin out of control like pretty much every thread in Amigaworld/
Its that a direction you want EAB to go?
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