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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
I wrote nothing about applications, i wrote about debugging.
Enforcer and similar tools are very useful for it. But you must be a coder to know that.

It will boost nothing at all. Benefit is null if the app isn't written to work in parallel - and of course none is on the Amiga. Besides, as AmigaOS does not support this, it can only break applications.
In fact hyperthreading is the most useless thing ever added to that core.
and I do not understand why it is your problem?

Kolla is moaning that he bought two vampires because of in his view promised FPU and MMU and feels betrayed but when I advised him to sell the cards because there are lots of users interested outside who would be happy to have one he does not react

You are vampire owner? If not do not buy it, problem solved. If you own it sell it, one unhappy user less and another one happy

Gunnar and the others have their agenda they are implementing now step by step. If you like what they offer and trust them then buy one, if not leave it. The noise around only nerves average users, it will change exactly zero regarding what is developed and how priorities are
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