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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
It will boost nothing at all. Benefit is null if the app isn't written to work in parallel - and of course none is on the Amiga. Besides, as AmigaOS does not support this, it can only break applications.
In fact hyperthreading is the most useless thing ever added to that core.
Well, if applications are written to support it, the useless statement doesnt apply I gather.
Thats obviously assuming developers are intrested in advancing the Apollo perspective. As far as OS goes; how about AROS?

As a non coder Im intrested in posts that goes into details, even tho I dont comprehend the deep details.
Simply saying its useless isnt helpful, just like e penguins post.

And IF you decide to accomodate my query, could you expand the discussion to encompass the usefulness IF developers decide to support hyperthreading and SoftFPU. (Aos and aros).

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