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Well, at least on Winuae, it's indeed the AGA setting that makes the colors go all wrong. In Winuae if I switch the chipset while the game is running the colors change. It's nothing else but the AGA chipset.

I have zero idea of why this is happening.

EDIT: I'd bet it has something to do with dual playfield and how I am setting its colors. The game is running on dual-playfield except at the bottom of the screen, where there's a single 1 bitplane playfield.

Even crazier, after a game over the colors in the Raliza Software logo change again.

EDIT2: It's something with the command DisplayRGB which sets a color in a certain Y coordinate using the copper. It seems that in ECS mode a change in that pallete entry after the copper command will override what the copper has been told to do, in AGA mode it doesn't.

Still not 100% sure if that's the case, but so far it seems to be something like that. Anyway I guess I am close to crack this bug (Already managed to make the Raliza Software logo appear correctly in AGA mode). I still didn't inspect what's causing the sprites colors to show up wrongly since as far as I remember I didn't use the copper to change their colors anywhere... but I may be wrong I'll investigate more later, but soon there should be a 1.1 version with correct AGA colors, I hope

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