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Originally Posted by S0ulA55a551n View Post
Internet just wouldn't work, would it, lost packets, latency etc.

Would the games be able to handle that
I've played Firepower with my real Amiga (Oregon, USA) and a serial to ethernet adapter with someone in Georgia, USA (over 2000 miles.. I didn't check latency) who had a similar setup.

For some reason, using the chat window would cause problems, but just gameplay was fine...

Well, except for the fact that I lost.. Every time.. I'm not that good at the whole "doing well with games" part. But it was really fun!! ;-)

I would imagine it should be just as fast with WinUAE. Possibly faster.. I was using my Amiga 1000 at the time..

Of course, Firepower isn't quite as fast a game as some of the others.. So it would also depend on the game..

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