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Originally posted by SabreGolly
Games like WarioWare and Advance Wars would be laughed at on the current 'big' consoles, but suit the GBA perfectly - they are immediate, no messing and fun.
I'm going to be controversial for a moment*: Wario Ware is crap. I know that the peeps at Digiworld think it is the best game ever since the last best game ever, but it's still crap. Game appears - press A. Game appears - press left, press up. Game appears - etc.

How is this any different to tedious dance mat games (arrow appears, put foot on front pad; arrow appears, put foot on left pad), or Mega CD "Time Gal" or laserdisc "Dragon's Lair" (dragon lunges, press button)? These games were all universally hated for being too repetitive and simplistic. "Rick Dangerous" was more advanced, gameplay-wise, but the Digiworld peeps (in their AP days) hated that too.

How can a tedious, simplistic test of reflexes and memory earn such high regard? If it was a Flash game on the net, would anyone play it for more than 30 seconds?

An argument in its favour is that it returns to gaming's roots - it is, as Sabre says "immediate fun". However, back in the good old days of the Speccy we had decent games like "Jetpac" and "Manic Miner", and *still* had no reason to play simplistic pap like Wario Ware.

Is the next big GBA game going to be a test of how fast players can waggle the joypad? Or guess a number?

It all comes down to personal opinion in the end, of course, but I still can't see why anyone would want to spend £30 on a sub-PD quality game.

*Might have ranted about this before, but hey! I don't claim to be original.
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