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You are supposed to figure this out.

This is an old school game, the purpose of it is just to play for score. (Maybe it will picked for the EAB/Lemon Superleague someday? )

The game goes on up until you lose all lives. The stage counter will stop counting after 99 if I remember correctly, but the game keeps going on. It gets harder as you advance.

The Green Medals gives you 100 points when you get them. When you pick one, its value goes up by 10, the next one will give you 110 points, then 120, 130 and so on. If you miss one, its value is halved (It never goes below 100 though). In the level "between levels" (It's not exactly a bonus stage because you can die on it on level 8 and above) its value never changes.. it doesn't go up when you pick one but its also not halved when you miss one (since it's impossible to get all of them).

The yellow UFOs on top of screen also gives you points and its value goes up if you hit them in sequence, without missing one (There's a limit of UFOs that will show up at each level)

The score system is basically this. My personal high-score is around 440k

New enemies will appear as you advance.. there's an enemy that shoot aimed bullets as you instead of just shooting stratight down, and then there's another enemy that shoots a "homing" missile at you. Also there are the missiles that appear at the bottom of the screen going from one side to the other from level 9 onwards.

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