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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
[ Show youtube player ]
What configuration are you running? Graphics have completely wrong colors in this video...
EDIT: well not "completely".. sprites , Raliza Software logo and Quasarius name on the title-screen have wrong colors. But now I remember at some point the title had this yellow color and I changed it to the current red..... is anyone else playing the game with the colors shown on this video? This is really curious...

Aszu, I am grateful for your offer, but this little game in particular I don't want to mess with anything else anymore other than kill bugs I don't like the idea of keeping working in a game (or any piece of software) indefinitely.. I had a goal, I achieved the goal and I am happy with it

IN THE OTHER HAND, I do want at some point to make a proper vertical scrolling shooter on Amiga, using the experience I achieved finishing Quasarius... then I maybe could use some help with graphics

Also, the main ship is a 4 color HW sprite in Quasarius, your ship is too wide and has too many colors for me to use

I'll also check Tomislav tips to try to make it work with 1.3 rom.
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