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Originally Posted by carrion View Post
good job.

I totally support Gallahad idea. More than that. I even started some efforts to build my own tools and test my workflow. I plan to start some game development after I finish my current project.
In past few months I've been teaching myself Blitz basic and I think I'm somewhat ready to start small game project. Will of coz use a lot of Asm in it.
So far I build a tilemap engine (with basic collision detection). I'll update you when I have anything worth showing (September I guess).

Why build new tile map editor? I used Tiled (cross platform) which exports maps to csv. I then add dc.w to csv file (each line) and include it in my source (or even "build" binary file of it in asm-one)
Why not, that way I have total control over the process and any bugs are of my own making and not anyone elses.

If this were 1988 all over again, i'd no doubt have to write my own, so its good experience and it took a day to do.
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