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Quasarius - New amiga game by Raliza Software

It's here:

I actually begun making this game in December 2016 and finished it January 2017, it was like 2-3 weeks of development time (Including learning a shitload of new stuff, a lot of people here helped me, they are all thanked on the credits screen in the game )

But I had lots of personal issues coupled with a really shitty job the last few months that stopped me from being able to just creating a distributable file and finally release the game.

I unfortunately couldn't make work on 1.3 machines... it seems to be a problem with Blitz Basic 2. If anyone have any idea of what to, I'll be glad to release 1.1 version

Also, the game may have bugs, I remember I had messed with the source code accidentaly merging 2 different version of it, bringing old bugs back. I believe I had killed all of them, but if anyone finds anything please tell me and I'll add its correction to the 1.1 version

I am *very* excited to release an Amiga game for the public. This is like a childhood dream becoming true, even if it's a very simple game.

I want to keep doing Amiga games in the near future... and since I am out of the shitty job I mentioned above , I think I'll have some free time to dedicate to this again

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