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Originally Posted by IvanEBC View Post

1> Fari Bars demo from 2015
Link is here -
File downloaded was 0 bytes, tried other mirrors and no go. I wrote to let them know and now its a file doesn't exist issue.
Someone got this to share?

Originally Posted by IvanEBC View Post
2> Bubble Bubble mod.. i have it and its called dw.bubble bobble but it won't play in hippo player (i tested and found it did work in other players but my main system is setup for hip and didn't really want to change over and use another player unless it offered WAY more than just the ability to play one extra mod. The request? Does someone have a version of this mod that is compatible with Hippoplayer?
I dont think it exists an 1:1 conversion of this DW > MOD format, original DW format uses a lot of sub songs.
Maybe there are a few musics, which sounds similar:
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