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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
childs babble - where and how did I demand anything?
and btw - gunnar shaping the vampire from stone while he has a rest from writing the apollo core?
stop this utterly nonsense of a reply.
You can hide behind semantics all you want. People are demanding, moaning, crying, nagging, urging, use whatever word you want, that a group of people does something which someone else thinks should be done. Now, it is Apollo team's project and they will do as they see fit. Like it - buy it. Don't like it - don't buy it. Think you can do better - do it. You can't do anything yourself - tough luck.

Kolla is right (feels strange to say that ). Someone may come along with a different core. If no one comes along - tough luck again.

It really is ... that ... simple.
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