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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
how can I force anything - it's the apollo core team doing so.
I wasn't talking about you specifically. And yeah the Apollo team will "force" anything they want to do. It's their core to do what they want with it.

The most productive thing that should come out from all this talk bashing Apollo and their decisions, is another team forming up to make another core for the Vampire.
If there's really this much talent and "better ideas", then why is not a new 68k core being developed by another team?

#1) imagine this: they could have made the apollo core with saga rtg only, disconnect from the native chipset - and telling you, there will be much better games in the future.
i think this would make you arguing differntly.
In which way? I'd still be not interested to have one in my Amiga now. But still supporting whatever comes out as a standalone. I have no problems with Vampire, so I don't see how it would change my arguing, which is basically, "stop the complaints". It has nothing to do with the hardware or software.

By the way, I had an Amiga since 1992, so I well know that the statement "there will be better games" would be something I would never believe, since nobody would be making them.

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