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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
What??? Where were you the last 25 years?

- nearly all 68040/68060 demos
- Mapparium
- probably most 3D software, like LightWave, Real3D, POV Ray
- a lot of other graphics software, like TVPaint, some versions of PersonalPaint
- many MP3 decoders
- several datatypes (especially JPEG)
- probably every single fractal generator (if someone cares)
- StormMesa, Wazp3D
- several games from Aminet, like tongits, supoker, Descent
- ...
Is that it?
You can keep them.
Believe me I've been here.

Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
Arquments like this makes me wonder :
- How many of us have just plain A500/600/1200 and if they are happy with them why they should buy Vampire?
Exactly my thoughts
but we who have 68040/68060 acceleratos things looks different.
And here I mirror my question to you, "if you are happy with them why should you buy Vampire?"

I think the main issue is for those who wanted a 060 forever and think this is a way to finally afford and acquire something of similar or better power.
Those who have 060s better stick to their 060s, those who are happy with their Amiga setups should stick to their AMiga setups.

This is just when thinking of the Vampire as an Amiga add-on. Standalone is a completely different thing.
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