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Originally Posted by E-Penguin View Post
To play devil's advocate a little; if you want to remember it the way it was, don't add a Vampire.
Yep good point. Unfortunately now that I've added one I can't un-add it. I love it. The speed has been great. Browsing the file system is snappy and instant, games like Civilization benefit hugely from it, a lot of the classic 3D games I play benefit from the speed. Plus the all the programs I use like Octamed etc etc still work fine. I had an ACA620 in there before which was nothing like this. Yeah I understand there will be compatibility compromises and It's taken me some time to adjust to that way of thinking, nevertheless, it won't stop me from trying to find the balance between speed and compatibility and advocating it.

Another appealing aspect of the Vampire is versatility. While I love the look of an Amiga on a CRT I'm not beholden to it, and like the idea that I can switch over to HDMI at a later stage. I want the best of ALL worlds but don't have the space to get a whole range of machines to satisfy that. I'm a bit of an oddity in that regard.

Originally Posted by E-Penguin View Post
The team are creating a "new Amiga", effectively, going where Commodore might have done had they not gone bankrupt. For an unadulterated early 90s gaming experience, get an A500 + 512k and leave it as that.
Yeah exactly and I hope that's what they do and I hope they are immensly successful at it.

Yeah I could get an A500 but I've been spoilt by speed over time and would find it difficult to slow down again. I've only got myself to blame for that.

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