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Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
Still doesnt make sense.
Most of us are 30-40++ and I would think we had aquired the ability to read several posts, threads and forums/sites and learn pro/cons before we purchase anything. Like research.
Sorry, but thinking that one's personal experience applies to everyone is not really correct. You and 100s other people might be able to research and learn before a purchase, but others may not or just not want to do it because it's easier to just ask and be told what to do. Sure, joke's on them, but we also can provide SAFE advice. Personally when I come here and ask questions, I don't want to be fed a line of shit.

If you come to an Amiga forum asking for help, you expect people will give you "expert" advice, or at least trustworthy/tried and tested advice, and trust it at face value. I think this is pretty common of most people.
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