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Originally Posted by Apollo View Post
Where do you see yourself in this project: are you going to manage and add code to it?
Community effort (which means as much volunteers as possible) or a smaller group of ppl (like Phx suggested) ?
IMHO a smaller group of ppl leads to a higher chance that this will be ever finished.
Its going to be a small project, with a small team (assuming people want to contribute of course, I make no assumptions).

some of these C64 flip screen/single screen games have over 100 screens, which I think is plenty doable.

My plan is to code it myself, and get get graphics and music from others.

Once Starquake is out the way and released, then i'm going to sound people out with my idea, and see if anyone wants to contribute.

I've already coded the map editor, just need to add collision artifacts, but its 98% done.

The plan is to have one musician for the entire project to have a consistent
style/theme throughout, and one graphics artist for the main game, and maybe one other for stuff outside of the game, but obviously if the graphics artist is up for all of it, then only one will be needed.

I think if this works and works quickly, then it will be inspiring to others to try their hand at it.

I'm quite happy once the game is written to speak to some of the d-Bug chaps to see about maybe getting them to do the ST release, and releasing map editors and stuff to encourage others to do something.
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