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Originally Posted by E-Penguin View Post
The stated goal is 100% compatibility, at which point; why bother going back to the chipset?
And at that point, why use an Amiga wedge at all, when you can just use the Vampire on its own?
Originally Posted by E-Penguin View Post
To play devil's advocate a little; if you want to remember it the way it was, don't add a Vampire.
I think this is excellent advice that I have given before to people.

Threads where people try to get back to Amiga now currently and quickly devolve into "get a Vampire!" pitches, without realizing the Vampire is just not for everyone right now and, in most cases, people do NOT need one and will be disappointed when they receive it because it doesn't do the wonders they have been told it would by misled forumites giving ill advice.

This kinda advice also hurts the Vampire by enlarging the "disgruntled population". It'd be best kept in check instead of giving it care free.,

Originally Posted by sean_skroht View Post
Me for one. I have the A600 hooked up to a real nice german 100hz CRT TV that delivers a beautiful super crisp picture with well defined scanlines. I, at least, want one of my Amiga's connected to a CRT screen to remember the way it was.
You can use an HDMI downscaler as suggested earlier in this thread, there's also scanline generator hardware. Not the same, but hey.
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