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Originally Posted by E-Penguin View Post
woohoo finally back on topic!

The idea of being able to switch between real* chipset and SAGA sounds tempting but I wonder how much people would really use it, once SAGA reaches a certain level of stability and compatibility.
Me for one. I have the A600 hooked up to a real nice german 100hz CRT TV that delivers a beautiful super crisp picture with well defined scanlines. I, at least, want one of my Amiga's connected to a CRT screen to remember the way it was. The A1200 can be used for the more progressive, forward looking stuff.

If people dont want to be tied down to backwards compatibility because they feel that it stunts future Amiga development then yeah, fair enough. But isn't that what the standalone Vampire board will be good for? I can see Vampire catering to the needs of a broad section of Amiga fandom and perhaps even those that never used to be fans.

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