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Great work guys!

In general I agree with most comments regarding the C64 scene compared to the Amiga one. Fragmentation, how difficult it is to create games in each platform, the need to form teams for an optimal result, public's ultra-high expectations from each project and -of course- the number of users and active developers in each scene all contribute one way or another to the situation of Amigaland today.

I personally feel though that this trend is changing, slowly perhaps but it is happening without a doubt. Today EAB is booming with interest for new Amiga games, new projects are popping up every now and then, new teams are forming, teams that had their debute title released in previous years are following up with development of new ones, dorment members are becoming active and in general there is some impressive mobility we haven't seen in many, many years. This was not the case at all f.e. between 2000-2011 and the almost complete game making stagnation of that era.

So, my thumbs up to Galahad for his initiative! It's about time for the old wizards who know the art by heart to step up!
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