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Originally Posted by Yulquen74 View Post
So, does this mean that the latest and future cores will ignore the mainboard video and sound resources completely, and use its own instead?

If so, why can they not make this a software feature, enabling either one or the other?
Could someone pleeease answer this question? And preferably from someone 100% in the know.

I have an A600 with a Vampire 2 using GOLD2 core and am only interested (at this stage) in using the RGB output to a CRT monitor. Im not too fussed about AGA since that is what i have my A1200 for and that's patiently waiting for a Vampire 1200. Even using the ECS chipset with this card I have seen massive improvements in speed across the board and I really like my setup the way it is.

I have heard that GOLD3 is supposed to bring massive compatibility improvements as well as an improved turtle mode. If that is the case then this is something I'm really looking forward to. But if it's rumoured to completely bypass the ECS chipset with no choice from the user then this is very concerning. It leaves us CRT users stuck on GOLD2 with no hope of any further improvements. And I seriously dont want to have to buy ANOTHER adapter to convert an HDMI signal back to SCART. Sheesh!!
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