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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I am sad nobody wants to use the best of the Amiga - AGA chipset. I can never understand the obsession with OCS graphics.

I have a group of hypothesis so let me explain:

First the numbers. There are much more OCS/ECS amigas than AGA ones, plus most of the games created on OCS/ECS also work on AGA if coded following guidelines, so that guarantees an higher audience.

Second, the tools. Talking about the entry level tools like AMOS and backbone of course; Blitz supports AGA but got less hands-on documentation to delve in and start directly with. Red Pill is in my opinion a game changer and i can expect more AGA stuff made with it in the future.

Third the challenge; AGA games can look and feel like semi-modern PC ones while to get very good results on OCS/ECS a good deal of graphical skills and technical expertise is needed. However i am working for several AGA games music too.
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