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Originally posted by SabreGolly
I hope with the PSP they will make different kinds of game.
They? "They" are third party developers who have to pay tons of cash to Sony for the "honour" of making a game for their piece of hardware. With a low profit margin, publishers have to bet on the safe option (like a clone/sequel/licence) to get larger sales and be sure of breaking even. Home coders are effectively locked out of the system and the simpler games do not get made.

The way most companies are run in this industry is appalling. Nobody is learning from their, or their cohorts', mistakes. I would equate many managers in the industry with those horrific school teachers who want to keep you in your place so that they can enjoy their little power trip.

The industry is absolutely stuffed full of original ideas that don't see the light of day because no publisher will touch them for fear of failing.

The PSP will just have the same type of games as any other console. 2D games are highly unlikely.

The XGameStation, the GP32, the PC, or the mobile phones are the last bastions of 2D gaming.

But, to be honest, it's largely irrelevant. 2D or 3D, it doesn't matter. Only the game matters.
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