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An idea of sorts based on Galahad's specs.. Plays like a cross between Jet Set Willy and Dizzy..

Disk Raider - As a computer historian you are tasked with tracking down rare and sacred disks, these disks are scattered across the game world, some will be fiendishly difficult to recover and will require cunning and guile. Will you recover all of the disks and their legacy? Or will they be lost to the Ages?

Doesn't just have to be disks, could be rare computing magazines, parts of a computer etc..

You could have a simple Hub/HQ that you visit, as you find the lost relics they are displayed on the walls or plinths.. The ultimate goal being to fill your museum up with these missing and rare items.

To make things more interesting, if you die (or run out of health) before bringing the items back to the the Hub they are lost, or respawn back to another random location. This might cause players to risk it all or play it safe. Also, by returning to the Hub your health is recharged, perhaps there could be a max limit of 5 items you can carry. If you return with 5 items your reward is greater, if you return with a single item then it's less. Trying to add balance to the search and return loop..?

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