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Originally Posted by grond View Post
OK, let's point out some of the biggest deficiencies in Matt's nonsense...

The POWER8 has the same register design as Apollo Core, i.e. integer registers and wide SIMD registers are the same. The POWER8 runs at 5 GHz and is at the time of writing the fastest processor in the world. So you are wrong with your claim "slows down a critical path". Reality proves you wrong which is something that even non-tech savvy people should understand.

Did I mention already that Gunnar took part in designing the POWER8? Matt, remind us, which real-world CPU did you help design?
I find it a bit strange that POWER8 isn't mentioned at all in the Apollo datasheet.

However, this is mentioned...

100% 680x0 compatible
Apollo/68080 Core
processor for retrogamers

Apollo Core is the natural and modern evolution of latest 680x0 processors. It's 100% code compatible, corrects bugs of 680x0 designs and adds on top most of the cool features which were invented the years after.
Technical discussions aside, this alone gives more credibility to Matt's concerns. The only "nonsense" here is that Apollo is 100% 680x0 compatible.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Amiga community does not want a POWER8. It wants a 68k.
Yes, I agree with the misleading datasheet on that as well.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
The point was that the Apollo ISA decision that Matt likes to criticise does not impose the speed limit he is fantasizing about as can clearly be seen looking at the POWER8 running at 5 GHz with the same register layout.

It also shows how little actual substance there is in his bombastic albeit layman's postings.

Oh, and I do believe that the Amiga community wouldn't object to a 5 GHz 68k even if it was "crippled" by Gunnar's "terrible ISA decisions" which "painted him into a corner"...
I'm actually glad Matt commented, because without your personal attacks stumbling over yourself trying to discredit him I would have missed the POWER8 part.
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