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Originally Posted by thgill View Post
Blind faith in what?

they aren't promising to turn water into wine or anything.
Blind faith in what they say. Criticism turned off and one-liner bowing down, that sort of things.
The design has its shortcomings and me and Matt just show 'em.

You see, if this accelerator was only plain shite for me, i just wouldn't care and let it die. But i see some wasted potential and don't like it.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
The point was that the Apollo ISA decision that Matt likes to criticise does not impose the speed limit he is fantasizing about as can clearly be seen looking at the POWER8 running at 5 GHz with the same register layout.

It also shows how little actual substance there is in his bombastic albeit layman's postings.

Oh, and I do believe that the Amiga community wouldn't object to a 5 GHz 68k even if it was "crippled" by Gunnar's "terrible ISA decisions" which "painted him into a corner"...
Oddly enough, Power cpus are very good in floating-point performance but beaten by Xeon in pure integer. Yet still no fpu in Gunnar's cpu

But you have the point here. Indeed even though these ISA decisions are quite poor, they can't turn into more than just legacy to support (and wasted encoding space). And even I would get one if 5Ghz affordable 68k accelerators were made

Originally Posted by wawa View Post
for power8 servers?
No, for PowerPc (same cpu family).
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