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OK, let's point out some of the biggest deficiencies in Matt's nonsense...
Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Apollo ISA: 64 bit integer unit registers are shared with 64 bit SIMD unit registers in the ISA
Reason: resources worked out nicely in the current Altera FPGA
Result: 128, 256, or 512 bit SIMD unit registers would give 128, 256 or 512 bit wide integer unit registers slowing down a critical path
The POWER8 has the same register design as Apollo Core, i.e. integer registers and wide SIMD registers are the same. The POWER8 runs at 5 GHz and is at the time of writing the fastest processor in the world. So you are wrong with your claim "slows down a critical path". Reality proves you wrong which is something that even non-tech savvy people should understand.

Did I mention already that Gunnar took part in designing the POWER8? Matt, remind us, which real-world CPU did you help design?
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