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Originally Posted by guibrush View Post
@DamienD :

well, ok. So, that's mean that a new about, let's say the new Aros nighty build is allowed in the news section, but a video about the progress of the AGA integration is not, right ?

Can you tell me where I have to post the next video, so I don't do any mistake the next time ?
Thank you.
Oh man... seriously... is it really that difficult to understand?

The point of my post is that these "new hardware related" threads always end up the same way, bitching / moaning / fighting... I get that's not your fault but...

It's not good for EAB when people see this type of stuff going on. What sort of image does that portray? If I was a new member and read all this negative stuff I sure as hell would leave quite quickly.

Again, these "News" threads are broadcast across the whole network. I for one will not in future approve any new hardware related threads that I believe may possibly get out of hand.

You can post them in the Amiga Scene or Hardware section instead
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