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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
1) Patents are good for 20 years in the U.S. All 68k patents should be expired.
68k yes. But MMX is x86. And AMMX is roughly the same as MMX.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
Matt, could you please tell us your qualifications that make any of the stuff you write credible? The mere fact that you write about "a critical path" when generally in a digital chip there is exactly one critical path seems to indicate that you are, well, "self-taught". I have a PhD in microelectronics and am a professional microchip developer. What you write is nonsense but will probably impress some gullible people. Well, so be it, I cannot spend as much time as you on writing long-winded technical arguments that most people wouldn't understand anyway.
Argument from authority, huh ?

Originally Posted by grond View Post
The problem is that Matt is writing nonsense (but in an impressive manner) and that nobody can understand the nonsense (like you admit for yourself) as well as the corrections. Any "discussion on a technical level" you hope for is just a waste of time and will result in more nonsense posted. Matt just won't stop.
The fact you don't understand what he writes, does not mean it's nonsense and that other people can't get it.
Matt writes technical facts and anyone with enough knowledge will not find him difficult to understand.

Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
Hah. Fair point.
Nope. Just another personal attack.
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