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For me, a single A500 owner (was back in the day too) with a 1MB Chip - SCSI HDD with other SCSI devices (Zip drive, CD-ROM), External original floppy drive and internal GoTek, at the price point I'm getting AGA, 128MBs ram, fast IDE and HDMI output. I'm not all about the games. I really want to get back into multimedia and content creation on the Amiga and my current system is holding me back. A freaking scan doubler alone is about $100 US. And forget all the accelerators I've found on ebay, way out of my price range for less. But add all that up if I could get it; (Hi Res VGA (if not hdmi), 128MBs ram and the speed increase, with Wifi coming, I don't think it could ever be any other way for me right now....

I'm very anxious and excited. I don't do demos, I don't code on the Amiga at all - perhaps someday. I am pretty much a person that has dreamed to have these things and now it's actually going to arrive here someday. In a single package. If anything, I'm anxious and impatient.

I don't understand all the techno jargon at the low level but I get what the concerns are at a higher level. I'm eager to see the stand alone someday. But right now, I'm very much excited to have this. I mean, for a simpleton like me, the news and videos with AGA blew me away and took care of my display issue of not having something to plug into the video port besides my modulator that gives me an RCA video connection.

1MB just isn't cutting it. The original 68000 speed is a set back and the lower resolutions/display options are dauntingly upsetting. I just want to enjoy my Amiga again and back in the day with 4MBs ram and a few more bells and whistles, it was amazing. So bring it on. Geeze, what will GOLDv4 bring? I can't imagine.
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