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can anyone attache the image from the a1k post:
Looks to me something like this (see below).

The Signal is decoupled with a Reclocker/EQ (Sony B1442AR) from the outside world and the HDMI output power regardless of cable quality and length can be... Mounted above the RGB connector.

Much more important, however, the modifications to the vampires themselves.
- stabilized voltage regulator (Better Duty Cycle and a much smaller ESR)
- to improve the GND connection to the Amiga motherboard (the two thick wires)
- Stabilization of the 5V primary voltage (less Dirt on the Power Layer)
- improved scheduling and a higher level on the HDMI output by changing the series resistors

Problem HDMi:
It was probably used for reasons of cost, not a TDMS Transmitter to the output, but directly to the driver in the FPGA. You can make, but high cycle rates are possible only with difficulty. It starts with a high damping factor, not controlled Strmtreiber in the TMDS standard, improper termination and reflections are the result. Furthermore, the Setienwiderstände are too large, i.e. it is measured at 1m HDMI cable, a Vswing (this is the negative voltage swing), below 0.4 V what is the absolute limiting case, typical of 0,7-1V. This is definitely too little...

Problem, Voltage Regulator:
The Controller will run very dirty in a bad Area (Duty Cycle) and can only try to compensate for heavy loads quickly enough (too high of ESR of capacity). In connection with "unfavorable pipe routing/Design" generated by the Switching of Dirt on the power supply, i.e., Core voltage and GND Plane. Because the HDMI output has this relation, is the Dirt on the signals on it, which will affect the graphics output.
In certain processes, the Core must regulate-Regulator jump-like loads, more or less, so that bestimmren operations, the graphics output is disturbed. It starts with strips and ends with short-term Total Blackout (depending on the pixel clock).

Actually, of all things ,should find, the developers long ago.
But well, it is how it is...

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