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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
Djole501: joined jun 2017 - purpose: bashing.

so whats different in your posts - calm down yourself - i for myself enjoy reading what matthey has to say.
NO, not at all, my join date has nothing to do with anything. I am just annoyed to read his comments in every thread Vampire is mentioned, he should have his own thread where he can repeat the same thing every day. Gunnar asked me to join, FPU is needed now, Gunnar has taken the wrong path, he doesnt listen to me, I know the right way etc.... So he can have you as a reader and you can enjoy yourself....

It was not me who derailed this or any other thread, right ? So why do you address me at all ? Oh yeah i have 14 posts so I should listen to the "elders"...
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