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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The Apollo Core has the wrong future (hyper optimized for affordable FPGA today only). The Minimig, FPGA Arcade and Mist have no future (they are retro only with no upgrade path).

I was contacted by Gunnar of the Apollo Team and asked to take part in his project.
Maybe its the wrong future for you.... Please can you repeat one more time how Gunnar invited you to the team, I think its just 789 times you repeated that. Also please do mention how they kicked you from the team. While you are at it, if you dont mind, show us your progress of cloning the 060, decapping or whatever, or was it your friend's friend who was doing it ? Dont forget to mention how fast Lightwave runs with a real FPU and how life is miserable without one. Oh yeah, Quake is nice too... Please do hijack every thread mentioning Vampire with your "right" path and Gunnar bashing. It must be hard knowing he doesnt even read your whining posts, he delivers.... I guess he cares a lot less about you than you care about him. Its his project, not yours and you have nothing to say about it so just stfu and let him do what he wants to do. The community has spoken, Vampire is the most popular Amiga product in years, bringing in new users, new software, new development.... IS you just jealous no1 listened to you or IS you just stupid and cant see they managed this project like it should ?
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