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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
if your only interest is a accellerator with some extra ram then vampire is not for you
Originally Posted by grond View Post
If I understood him right, he is now interested in the Vampire stand-alone.
Right. I am not interested in the Vampire as an accelerator. I am interested in its future as something better and standalone.

Anyway, Matthey, it is impossible to have a chat with you, really.
Just be sure that your "truth" is also not THE truth, and by acting that way, you are no better than the Gunnar you describe and criticize.

To clarify, I am not part of Apollo team, I don't even know who Gunnar is or what he said. But it's really annoying to keep seeing these discussions with basically the same approach that is being criticized.

And the cherry on top is saying Amiga users "do not know/do not understand". Sure, we might not know about processor design or whatever, we don't have to, but we sure know what we want as the end consumers of whatever it is being produced. If you don't care about what the users want, then don't release stuff out to them. Keep it to yourself and make your dreams come true for your own self-satisfaction.
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