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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
The A600 was unsellable as soon as the A1200 was announced - loads of them were sent back!
The A600s were eventually sold. I bought one new for 299DM (~150EUR) in the summer of 1993, plugged it into the family TV. Two years earlier I would have had to spend five times the money for an A500 plus 1084. There couldn't have been much money to be made with the A600. Commodore obviously was sitting on them and the parts for even more which forced them to sell at a loss reducing short-term losses but canibalising future sales. Hence, the A600 was a big desaster even though it may have sold many units. Nobody explicitly wanted ECS in wedge-type Amigas because there was hardly any benefit over OCS.

AGA just was too little too late. A lot of people that had been saving their money (buying an A600 when you already have an A500 never made that much sense, did it?) spent it on PC hardware. I bought my A1200 used in late 1994 from a guy that was saving for a 486. I guess it hadn't taken him too long to figure out that Doom had more appeal than the same old 2D Amiga games. AGA just never promised to reach a critical threshold. It wasn't the desired advance nor were there enough units sold to make it economically feasible to produce a lot of AGA-only games. This would have been different if AGA had come with the A3000 and had made it to the wedges in the form of a significant update (complete 32bit system) within a short time after the A3000. Commodore was losing the momentum at that time and with the A600 essentially being nothing more than a 1985 computer in a small package it was already too late. Commodore would have kept the Amiga going if they had sold upgrades even before they were desperately needed because the old stuff only made people yawn.
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