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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
Consoles: give away the hardware at production cost (or below), earn money with games.
Commodore: earn absolutely nothing with games or software and try to sell cheap hardware.

Well, guess what: consoles are always cheaper and still they earn more money!

cbm could not produce the A500 cheap enough and sales were dropping - thats way they came up with the idea of the the A300 ... and that ended in a even more expensive A600...

Not AGA was killing ECS, the A600 did.
Consoles are cheaper because they have less parts in them, didn't stop many companies making millions through cheap computers, they sell because they are cheap, smaller profits vs bigger sales = big profits too!

Commodore did the right thing in making a cost reduced A500, they did it wrong by making into an A600, confusing consumers by cutting the numeric keyboard off, imagine if a PC maker did that they wouldn't sell the bloody things! Funnily enough though the A600 outsold the A1200, so it goes to show cheap Amiga's were still wanted.

I still don't agree the A600 killed ECS/A500, A600 sales were strong until Commodore pulled the plug at the end of 92 to try and sell its upcoming A1200, then guess what they didn't have enough inventory, killing sales on both counts, had the A600 had chance to sell on at a cheaper price i have no doubt it could have last a couple more years for Commodore to get Hombre out, A500 sales were over 1 million in 1991 and rising year on year, Commodore couldn't have fucked it up anymore if they tried again!

Anyway, sorry going off topic here.
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