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Originally Posted by babsimov View Post
So Hombre would have been nice if released in 1994/95, but not revolutionary.
Well in the 90s we were getting new gaming hardware every year, nothing was 'revolutionary' if you think about it like that.

I did read a while back the specs Commodore were speaking about put in the the Sega Saturn ballpark in term of polygons/sec, so not quite as fast as the Playstation.

And despite people saying the Playstation crushed all competition so this Hombre Amiga would have stood no chance anyway, i disagree, as a CD64 console then yeah it would put in direct competition and it would get crushed against it just as the 3D0 and Saturn did even with millions behind them.

But as a computer with its support i believe it could have got through, a lot of Amiga people jumped ship when they saw the A1200 wasn't the big leap we all hoped for, had Commodore waited as originally intended until 1994 and not rushed out the AA machines, the A500 was still selling well, they should have kept cost reducing that in a new shell.

Then in late 94 released a Hombre A4000 & A1200, the computer would be fast enough not to switch to Windows and fans had the 3D games they desired, heck even 16-bit console games were still selling better than Jaguar/3do etc systems until 95 when the Saturn and PSX hit the west, so the timing was far from being too late.
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