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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
This "compatibility" is the reason why you and everyone is here though. It is the common ground which keeps the Amiga community together. Lose a portion of the compatibility and you lose a portion of the Amiga community.
I am here because I love 68k Amiga and I have plenty of them that work just fine. I don't need a new compatible machine. I have enough Amigas. Future reliability is mentioned? I can maybe see that, but that doesn't seem to be Apollo or Vampire. So why force them to? I thought there was also Minimig and FPGA Arcade with aims nearer to compatibility I believe.

So a project started a way and was veered another way. So what? Make your own if you are so affected. Support a project more suited to your vision and goals. WHat's teh point of destructive comments!

Vampire I see now as a chance to do something new. You say "lose a portion of the compatibility and you lose a portion of the Amiga community"? Isn't that already what "Amiga NG" is? All the PPC stuff? Again, keeping the thought that PPC Amiga, Amiga NG, whatchamacallit, is all part of the same word as 68K Amiga or even Vampire future, is ridiculous. They are not. They are not compatible, they don't crossover, people interested in one are usually not interested in the other.
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