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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
It's normal the C64 has more games because it's a toy compared to what the Amiga can do
I read/heard this plenty.

Here is your stuff:

You are one of those talented people I mentioned shooting themselves in the foot because of using "game makers".
You've got some really cool skills and can even cook something decent using terrible or passable engines, but in the end, your end product is constrained by that and there's so much room for improvement if you were to be helped by a coder and a musician. Those games look really cool, if they were done to a "pro" level, that is, coded optimally, running on stock hardware, like phx's Solid Gold or Sqrxz, I would definitely be happy to buy a copy of anything you work on!

Here was your response when I said "wish a coder had helped you":
Originally Posted by nobody View Post
I thought about it but then would have to wait 5-6 months and maybe stall the project and me get frustrated and drop it. So I went with backbone, 2 weeks, runs on A1200, speed is ok, everybody happy.
Only not everybody would be happy by seeing so much potential spoiled by Backbone. At least I know I am not.
I understand, this is your free time, and by doing something completely on your own you managed to feel satisfied with in the time you deemed sensible to spend on it. Only that is exactly what is kind of in question on this thread (I believe).

Where are all your "walk in the park" C64 games you made anyway? Talking shit about any other platform is easy. They all have their things and complications. And they all have potential to do great things. Let's just respect the output of other scenes and not use lame excuses to justify what is ultimately our own fault. I include myself very much in all of this.

Anyway, the notion that the C64 gets more games just because it's easier to make things for it, is very wrong.
The Amiga doesn't get as many because of many factors, one, for sure, is the machine's more complicated architecture and as a result, amount of time needed for results. The most important one on my view is about collaboration and patience to end product.

In the C64 demoscene peopel form groups and not always they are people that met in person or that completely get along with each other or agree on all ideas, but they get shit done anyway, by compartmentalizing tasks and pooling the collective talents into one solid product. I do feel we need more of that. I understand that if you never been in a demo group, yo u wouldn't get this feeling, but it works.

Look at Powerglove for example, it's been a long time in the making, but I am glad it will come out after all.

Here's looking forward to you managing to find a suitable partner (or more) to make a brilliant game with your cool graphics and ideas.
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