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Originally Posted by babsimov View Post
Thanx touyats for your detailled answer.

So Hombre would have been nice if released in 1994/95, but not revolutionary.

About the AAA blitter, i think it don't have any 3D texture mapping or gouraud shadding.

As i understand it, Hombre is the first time Commodore work on 3D features ?
Yeah AAA had no 3d features.

The built in CPU was twice as fast as PlayStation and was 64 bit vs 32 bit. Hombre had no T + L built in but high end systems could have another HP processor as the main CPU and use the on board chip for doing T + L.

There was no z buffer or texture filtering.

Hombre Blitter and Copper were 64 bit vs AAA 32 bit versions.

Hombre had 12 16 bit audio channels vs AAA 8.

Yeah 4 8 bit playfields all with scrolling and scaling or combined for 32 bit mode.

Hombre was only 2 chips including CPU so would have been much cheaper than AAA systems. They aimed for 2 chip system at sub $40 cost.

These systems would have been fast and cheap !!
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