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Oh no not fucking FPU talk again. Let's ignore it. I didn't talk about it at all.
Originally Posted by Sinphaltimus View Post
I do like seeing how well games run, maybe next video can show applications like octamed, ppaint, dpaint, pick an animation program, fantavision, movie maker, lightwave, etc... The creative stuff that I personally feel are still strong points.
Unless these programs are rewritten, the advantage they will get from Vampire is minimal.
Holding the Vampire down because of compatibility with hardware 30+ years old is the same mentality Commodore had when making new Amiga models, which didn't really pay off when the machines were released incredibly underpowered compared to current competition. And they were incompatible too and there was much bitching in Amiga world.

I guess this is just that "Amiga heritage" that people want to keep but I can't wait for it to go away. As long as Vampire and Apollo are attached to a physical Amiga computer, this stigmata will not disappear.
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