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Originally Posted by phx View Post
Do you really think this is so much different in the C64 scene?
It works best with few people, who you know very good, preferably personally.
I do think it's different. Also though, I agree on this second paragraph, I don't mean random people have to work with each other like if it was a game jam (recipe for disaster), but:
Again, I doubt that there is so much difference. The Amiga scene is much more split up over many different architectures and interests.
This difference is huge! The fragmentation is very important, which makes the limited pool of talent divide their attention among different types of "Amiga". Then I do believe the numbers are smaller, if we compare more fairly, which would be: plain A1200, plain A500, vs. C64.

I get from this thread and the general vibe of this board as a whole, that we are talking here about making a publishable game for plain A500/600/1200 spec, nothing else. And that will narrow down your choices, and makes no sense in considering part of the same pool of talent the people that work on "Amiga NG", because they sure as hell don't release anything for such specs.

I strongly believe that fixed spec hardware makes for the better output on the C64, too, and what you may see as a problem, I see as a blessing, because I judge by the output, and I appreciate hardware milking, which disappears with "upgrade" routes ("just get the newest/fastest thing" mentality the PC world has).

Sure, ok, with the Amiga there's space to do more than just games, but are there that many applications, then, that run in A500/600/1200 barebones spec? Or anyone interested in making such things? Besides me and h0ffman making PT-1210, I don't see much (save for whatever is system stuff).

I just think it's foolish to keep thinking of the Amiga world as one just to clump up numbers or I dunno. People working on one Amiga platform do not work on the other. There's at least three types of "Amiga" nowadays, if not four. They are not all the same.

Originally Posted by aszu View Post
who we need is a decent are commited programmers/coders. im sick of backbone crap. there are many talented people here and im 100% sure we wouldn't have any probs with finding graphicians/musicians...
I don't think there's none of those. I think there are plenty. But many times people who were making backbone games were told "hey this concept is cool/looks good, why don't you team up with a coder?", the response was negative. Same could be said of super good coders that have pushed games through without the help of a graphician or musician. It has to do with the familiarity phx describes above, which I acknowledge as important, but it also has to do with an insularity to the creative process. With people who are good at their craft, perfectionism will make this an issue.

My suggestion is that people should start to get to know each other better with the intention of maybe making games together. Maybe think of it as some sort of data-date :P If there's a good vibe/common hared ground/ideas, something good can come out of it. But if there's no such thing, then you just don't have to work together.
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