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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Whoever is going to do this (if anyone) you could increase your market (potentially) by also writing it for the Atari ST / TT / Falcon030.
For the type of "flick screen style" Galahad has in mind, this would indeed be possible.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
There is talent in this community, you are right, but the main issue is communication and willingness to collaborate. Every Amiga user is an island and wants things their own way.
Do you really think this is so much different in the C64 scene?

Even when there is the willingness to collaborate, I made the observation over the past years that as more people a project depends on, as higher is their risk for failure.

It works best with few people, who you know very good, preferably personally.

I think the Amiga user base is mostly of gamers and users than makers and creatives. The C64 scene has crazy numbers of active creators and demoscene people.
Again, I doubt that there is so much difference. The Amiga scene is much more split up over many different architectures and interests. The classic fans, the NG fans, the OCS/ECS 68000 fans, the 68060 AGA fans, the MorphOS, OS4, AROS fans, etc..
And unlike the C64 there is much more you can do with the system than writing games. On the C64 you have only the base model, which isn't usable for a lot more than games.

We can't compare fairly.
Indeed. Also it is much easier and quicker to write a game for the limited architecture of a C64 than even the simplest A500 game.
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