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Galahad, I think the problem is that, and I am sorry but this is the truth, there just aren't as many games and moreso of publishable quality on the Amiga as there are on the C64. Psytronik and RGCD don't just publish any shit, the output of the C64 scene is much larger than what you see published there.

I checked recently and these are the number of games from the C64 scene through the past decade. In parenthesis, number of those published by Psytronik or RGCD (might be inaccurate but good approximation):

2007: 46 (0)
2008: 49 (7)
2009: 72 (10)
2010: 65 (3)
2011: 75 (7)
2012: 91 (12)
2013: 100 (16)
2014: 92 (7)
2015: 93 (6)
2016: 151 (9)
2017: 47 (6)

The Amiga is lucky if it gets 5 games a year total. And your quality ratio, with those numbers, gets really bad, thus what is published is really bad or very little, take your pick or mix and match.

Let's plonk the same numbers for the Amiga taken from HOL data:

2007: 1
2008: 0
2009: 4
2010: 1
2011: 0
2012: 9
2013: 11
2014: 9
2015: 5
2016: 11
2017: 3

This data also includes old stuff that was lost, so it's also not 100% accurate, but, just look at those numbers

There is talent in this community, you are right, but the main issue is communication and willingness to collaborate. Every Amiga user is an island and wants things their own way. I've seen many times people plain refusing to collaborate when suggested to get a graphician, musician or coder to help them. That's not gonna increase those numbers. But there's also reality, I think the Amiga user base is mostly of gamers and users than makers and creatives. The C64 scene has crazy numbers of active creators and demoscene people. We can't compare fairly. Is it sad? yes, but can it be changed? I dunno.

I personally don't see much difference in games being released by Psytronik, RGXD, or independently. The matter is the production level and quality.
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