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Originally Posted by guibrush View Post
here is the second video with 8 other games, the early startup menu and a closer look at the scanline effect:
[ Show youtube player ]
I'm sorry, but all these demos running shit from 1992 really don't do anything to show what power the Vampire has.
Wheee, Frontier runs smooth. Really? Is that all there is to having this accessory? I think you're selling it short. But I realize the problem: almost nobody is making things that take advantage of this device (I can only think of the guy making the open Outrun and BOR ports).

You need to get people on board making cool NEW things. The past doesn't reflect well on the Vampire.

Have we not reached the point where people realize that mixing old hardware/software and new hardware starts sounding like a terrible idea?

The sound of using decades-old hardware accessories like Genlocks and their supporting, incompatible with new processors, not updated for decades software is a recipe for disaster. Even if you can connect those old things to an A1200 or A500, doesn't mean they will work at all with a Vampire.

I am also in the camp waiting for a standalone version because there's no point in connecting this to an Amiga if it's just gonna take over. But also I realize how much more powerful it is and the possibilities it could bring, and will have to wait and see until people start doing things WITH IT and not just running old shit. I have plenty of Amigas, I can run all the old stuff already.

Hoping the Apollo and Vampire teams can dare to break off from nostalgia and the past.
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