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Originally Posted by UberFreak View Post
I hope this changes,
No option to use real chipset is a deal killer for me, as I dont see the point in using the Amiga as a case+keyboard for the Vamipre.

Will patiently wait for V1200/4000 and see what happens with those.
That's not really unexpected, I don't think the Amiga chipset is set up in such a way that some sort of "additive" mode is possible. As in mixing Amiga blitter and sprites with Vampire blitter such a thing seems way too complicated. Sound though if you could imagine it shouldn't be such a big deal something like mixing the 4ch 8bit Amiga Audio with whatever the Vampire can put out, but same problems exist. How does the OS know which audio.device is going to the Vampire and which is going to the Vampire. Nor our AHI apps aren't really set up to send to multiple audio cards at once.

But it's not like it's hard to flash a non-ECS emulation core back to the Vampire for normal Amiga chipset use, takes about a minute and a reboot.

The camera in those videos make me irrationally angry but the scanline effect looks nice and working well from what we can see.

It certainly fixes the rather small issue of how to autoswitch between RGB and HDMI output in that just all output is going through the HDMI. Though that causes other problems like how do you tell the Vampire what HDMI modes your monitor supports.

The V500 is basically the same as the V600 so performance should be same on either 68EC080.
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